Livestreaming is becoming a well known channel of entertainment. Everyone is doing a great job making alerts, bots and other "I am live" features, but we are looking into the very core of it all. The goal with Partnerbits is to build platforms that helps new people and smaller livestreamers to understand the scene and industry. We are currently working with the Financial Institution of Denmark to approve of our business model, to legalise and clarify the finanicial parts of our business. Once it is all worked out and approved, our goal is to support a great variety of payment options. Like Credit Card, Mobile Payments, CryptoCurrency and Prepaid tokens.

We are also building a database of knowledge, guides and tutorials on livestreaming, branding, marketing and more subjects related to being a livestreamer. If you are interested in knowing more, make sure to check out Livestream Guide.

It is our goal to empower the people and companies in the industry of livestreaming!