Frequently Asked Questions

How is my donations shown on the screen?

Partnerbits is integrated with StreamElements and Streamlabs. Once you are registrated, you can connect your Partnerbits account with your Twitch and then StreamElements or Streamlabs.

Why do I need to connect my Twitch first?

Due to security reasons are users required to add the appropriate Twitch account before additional services to that channel. Adding your Twitch shows us that you are the rightful owner or have the appropriate access/authority.

What if someone hacked my Twitch?

When you try to connect a Twitch account, we will send a mail to the attached Email of the Twitch user if it is different from the one used to signup here on Partnerbits.

What information/data is collected?

We are by default asking permission to a lot of information and accessibility when conneting a service to a Partnerbits Account, even if the access is not being utilised by you. We will only gather information by your demand and is only storing important and necessary information to speed up processes and function the best way possible.

Is my information safe with you?

Your data and privacy is our highest priority throughout all of our services. Any sensitive or identifying information is uniquely encrypted. The system is set only to decrypt information when accessed by you or security approved staff. You will be notified by email at any time someone is attempting or successfully gaining access to your information.

How often will I receive an Email from you?

We are at all times trying to prevent fraudulent access and unauthorised use of our services. It is only what we find important to inform the owner or holder about, we will inform by email if one is accessible. Email is broadly used and often on your phone or tables, which makes them easily readable and act upon.